Sergio Brinatti's multidisciplinary approach is a way to challenge the movements and arts of his generation. Ranging from sculptures to motion graphics, he soon realized that a single medium as his primary way of expression was too limiting. "I'm often dissatisfied with a single form of communication, which brings me to adapt and include new elements into my work, such as technology, used materials, etc." His body of work engages with technology, nature, human behavior, and the mundane.
During the last few years, Sergio has been working on three separate photography projects—unfolding unusual plots about the city and our daily waste; “portals” that creates an abstract dialogue between technology and time through symbols; and a study of light towards the human body, using the mechanical features of a DSLR camera only. Under the pseudonym of Miels El Nucleus, he came up with the concept of the Fast Photography project, visually communicating his ideas by the usage of the most current forms of technology—a mobile phone camera. 
A variation of complex and dense ideas to much bolder and simpler compositions, dealing with raw subjects are the stimuli for the individual and unusual beauty of his work which led him towards a solid collaboration with the electronic music duo—ETS. “To us, the aesthetic of the band is just as important as the music. Right from the very beginning, Sergio understood what we were doing, where we were coming from and was able to translate that into something meaningful both to the music and the band's identity. We now view him as the third member of the band.”
Born in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1988, he moved to the United States a month after his 18th birthday. He received an A.A. in Visual Communication and a B.F.A. from the Michael Graves College, Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University. 
Beginning his fine arts career after receiving a gold award fine arts scholarship in 2016, he has been working on a series of creative projects ever since. 
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